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ServiceMaster Recovery Management


ServiceMaster Recovery Management belongs to a broad network of support services and first responders. This means that our ability to respond where we’re needed most is unparalleled in the world of recovery. As soon as we arrive on the scene of a disaster, we provide expert assessment and take immediate steps in order to stabilize the building or site in question quickly and with the utmost care. Whatever the disaster scenario and wherever it may be, we’re ready.

Speedy Service

After a disaster occurs every second counts when it comes to recovery. Individuals may be put in danger, businesses can sustain more damage, and critical goods and documents can all be rendered irreparable if quick attention is not paid to the damage. All of our restoration professionals understand how time is of the utmost importance and take all actions deliberately with this in mind.

Professional Support

Stabilization is all about reaching an equilibrium in your recovery and preventing backslides into more severe damage. We provide fire damage mitigation, water damage repair, emergency power support, climate control, on-site security, and anything else required to protect your building and prepare a location for complete restoration.

Peace of Mind

Stress after a major disaster is more overwhelming than many individuals expect. With our detailed security and quick attention to potential risk areas, you can rest easy knowing that your property is in good hands. We aim to alleviate your fears and help you feel centered with consistent communication and organization in the midst of chaos. 


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    If you have concerns about your property following a disaster, our recovery experts are trained to take quick and comprehensive action that sets the stage for the next steps of your recovery and prevents further damage. Our restoration professionals are available 24/7 to provide vital stabilization to any site in need.

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    At a time in your life when everything seems broken and you can't stop crying in walks Able. He was my hero. He told me everything was going to be OK and was very calm. He was just what a damsel in distress needed. ServiceMaster is lucky to have such a fine man to represent and be the face of their company. Not that ever want to be put in this position again however I would definitely use this company again. Thank you ServiceMaster. Sincerely, Barbara Tanaka

    - Barbara Tanaka, Foothill Ranch, CA