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Content Restoration

When disaster strikes, it’s not just the building that suffers damage. Losing a critical piece of machinery or a vital document in the midst of a destructive event can throw a wrench into the core operations of your company. With professional content restoration by ServiceMaster Recovery Management you can rest assured knowing that your inventory and recovery are in excellent, experienced hands. We provide content restoration for a variety of items to help you get back to business as usual quickly.

Inventory Assistance:

Taking stock of your goods and equipment following a disaster can require time and manpower that you don’t have. Our comprehensive content restoration services handle every aspect of your emergency inventory, from packing and storage to careful documentation. By managing your inventory, we can help prevent loss and keep your items secure throughout the recovery process.

Document and Data Recovery:

Data loss and damaged documents can drastically cripple any modern business. Document and data recovery entails everything from restoring information from waterlogged and damaged computers to cleaning up physical documentation after water damage, smoke damage, and beyond. If you have vital documents that have been damaged in a disaster, our recovery professionals will work to mitigate that damage and fill data gaps wherever possible.

Special Machine Restoration:

For businesses utilizing specialized machinery, any form of damage to your core equipment can leave you scrambling for an emergency replacement. Our machine restoration provides quick and high-quality restoration to any specialized tools, industry-specific equipment, and damaged machinery at your place of business.


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    Regardless of the content in question, our restoration professionals are available to help. Simple furniture repairs and complex tool and electronics restoration are all part of a complete content restoration project.

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    ServiceMaster is AMAZING! I walked into my office to find it flooded. I called my insurance guy and within 2 MINUTES I had a call from ServiceMaster that they’d be there within 30 MINUTES. ON A SUNDAY EVENING!!! They got there within the 30 minutes, got the water stopped and vacuumed out. Their Contents, Remediation and Repair teams went to town like a well-oiled military operation. My staff was amazed that in the midst of all the chaos how polite, courteous and fast they were. What’s even more amazing is how fast they got us back up and running. I HATE disasters. I LOVE ServiceMaster!!!!

    - Bradley McDonald, Glendale, CA