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Our Process

We understand that the recovery process varies significantly for every individual following a disaster. In order to effectively address these needs adequately, we adhere to two core tenets that guide our process in every unique scenario

Tenet #1: Consistent Support

More often than not, recovery doesn’t happen overnight. The journey towards recovery after a disaster can be long and overwhelming for any property manager or business owner. The good news is that at ServiceMaster Recovery Management, one of our core tenants is to support you from the start of any project all the way until the end. Every step of the restoration process is vigilantly supervised by our knowledgeable experts and carefully documented for your records. Our recovery professionals are accessible and at your side when and where they’re needed.

Tenet #2: Comprehensive Recovery

Wielding a combination of big-picture project management and meticulous attention to detail, our recovery professionals strive to give you the most comprehensive restoration experience possible. This means detailed planning and conversations with you and your staff to ensure that needs are being met and exceeded while recovery takes place. With our extended network of recovery resources, we consider all the best ways to handle your unique restoration needs as painlessly and effectively as possible.


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    At a time in your life when everything seems broken and you can't stop crying in walks Able. He was my hero. He told me everything was going to be OK and was very calm. He was just what a damsel in distress needed. ServiceMaster is lucky to have such a fine man to represent and be the face of their company. Not that ever want to be put in this position again however I would definitely use this company again. Thank you ServiceMaster. Sincerely, Barbara Tanaka

    - Barbara Tanaka, Foothill Ranch, CA