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ServiceMaster Recovery Management

Planning & Training

Disaster recovery is a complex and high-tension process that can derail every aspect of an impacted person’s life. In order to best support and serve property owners during stressful times, our restoration professionals are trained to handle every aspect of the recovery process. From large-scale disasters like earthquakes to more limited flooding, our professionals are ready to tackle any challenge.

Prepared for Action

All of our recovery personnel are expertly prepared for every eventuality. We teach our staff to prioritize the comfort and needs of each individual restoration scenario which means that the assistance you receive will be perfectly suited to your unique recovery. All of our restoration professionals are experts in the following:

  • Attention to detail
  • Professionalism and Decorum
  • Efficiency of Service
  • State-of-the-Art Machinery and Tool Usage
  • OSHA, IIRCR, and any other pertinent regulations

With our wide breadth of experience your disaster will become manageable as soon as we arrive. And we’re prepared to help you before disaster strikes as well.

Universal Planning

Our rigorous training expectations don’t just prepare our repair experts for disaster response. Utilizing our know how, we can help ensure that you and your business are prepared as well. Thanks to our in-depth planning programs our knowledge is yours to wield, after disaster hits as well as before. ServiceMaster Recovery Management proudly offers comprehensive pre-loss planning services as well as post-disaster recovery support so you can feel in control of a disaster no matter how and where it happens.


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    Contact ServiceMaster Recovery Management for Immediate Assistance

    A commercial location impacted by water damage or fire damage needs attention quickly in order to prevent business interruption or expensive, lasting damage.

    As part of the national ServiceMaster Recovery Management network, we have the training, tools, and expertise to tackle any disaster scenario you may be facing. This includes combination fire and water damage scenarios.

    ServiceMaster Recovery Management offering in-depth cleaning and repair for all of your fire and water needs all year round and 24/7. Contact us for immediate restoration assistance for your business.


    Abraham provided an unsurpassed client service experience. He was patient when I didn't understand the terminology used and always answered my questions clearly. Most importantly he was respectful, kind and unbelievably accommodating. Valentin and his crew were awesome to work with too. Both him and his team worked diligently to get the demo work done quickly and correctly. They were extremely courteous and always kept my home as clean and organized as possible.

    - P.R., Simi Valley, CA