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Record keeping is a key component of disaster relief. Getting back on your feet after the unthinkable happens is beyond difficult, and the associated bookwork is no exception. At ServiceMaster Recovery Management, we work to ensure that you get the services you request at the right rates, right when you need them. As part of the national ServiceMaster Recovery Management Network, we have the experience and expertise to support you no matter what the scenario may be.

Accuracy and Accountability

Our auditing teams take note of every individual component of your restoration process. Machinery, paperwork, photographs, data readings, equipment usage, permits, and protocols are all carefully examined and reviewed. By assessing these components, we then conduct an in-depth internal audit. Sound like a lot? Don’t worry; a copy of each step and the related documentation is presented to you for your comprehensive review. All of these steps are carefully taken prior to the creation of your invoice to ensure you have received everything you need in order to make the most complete recovery possible.

Exceeding Expectations

Our auditing team is composed of project managers, coordinators, and subject experts that carefully review the service you are given to guarantee satisfaction. We understand that trying to parse the industry language and muddled rush that follows a disaster can be overwhelming and unnecessarily stressful. Each of our project audits breaks down the restoration process step-by-step so you feel confident that you’ve received the best possible service every time.


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    For all of your disaster restoration needs, from auditing and beyond, contact the experts at ServiceMaster Recovery Management. As part of the national ServiceMaster Recovery Management network, we have the expertise and the tools to support you in even the most extreme disaster scenarios. From hurricanes and earthquakes to tornadoes and flooding, trust our highly trained professionals to restore your property to its pre-loss condition quickly and effectively.


    The service, the communication between client and service provider, the professionalism and the follow up. All work provided in a timely manner. Great service.

    - Phillip Burruel, Agoura Hills, CA