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Environmental Services

Part of managing a commercial or residential property means maintaining an environment that is safe for all who work there, are visiting, or call it home. Common environmental hazards such as mold, lead, asbestos, and bacteria can intensify and worsen without intervention. Sometimes intervention entails handling hazards as they arise, but with effective mitigation and testing, you can address these issues and others before they pose a real danger.

Mitigation and Prevention

For environmental hazards such as molds, asbestos, and lead, it’s easy to conduct effective, low-cost tests to identify and evaluate the extent of their impact. In fact, conducting these tests early on can allow you to make informed decisions about treatment and prevent unnecessary exposure to residents of the building in question. Depending upon the results of the tests our restoration team can implement minor structural repairs or perform in-depth treatments to any affected areas.

In-Depth Treatment

If environmental dangers have been detected, our restoration experts are prepared to take all the steps necessary to rid your property of any residual danger. Our in-depth treatments can be applied to severe mold and asbestos, bacteria and viruses, lead, and more. Depending upon the extent of the damage we provide complete extractions, safety enclosures, repairs and reconstructions, and any other action that will restore your property to its original state.


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