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Natural Disasters

The power of a natural disaster can render a business location unusable in a matter of minutes. Whether it’s a hurricane that leaves your buildings leveled or a flood that compromises all of your vital computers, recovering from one of these events takes time, organization, and some very serious professional support.

Step One: Clean Up

One of the first steps in natural disaster recovery is to clear an area of hazardous objects and debris to ensure that anyone visiting the location will be safe from additional harm. This step also allows your recovery professionals to assess the level of damage and begin helping you to plan your recovery. In the event of natural disasters, cleanup is best conducted by trained, experienced professionals who know how to navigate potential biohazards and other risks. This phase paves the way for further recovery while simultaneously making a site safe for entry.

Step Two: Repair

The repair process is divided into multiple steps to ensure your recovery is perfectly suited to your needs. We begin with assessments and planning and then move on to practical repairs. Repairs may include everything from major structural restoration to detail work such as furniture replacements and data recovery. This step tends to take longer than the planning phase but is only completed with the property owner’s feedback and instruction in mind.

Step Three: Recovery

Every aspect of natural disaster repair and recovery is completed as quickly and comprehensively as possible to prevent business interruptions. At ServiceMaster Recovery Management, we prioritize the needs of your business and the surrounding community. With the proper steps, your property or business can be restored to its former glory with all of the vital components and equipment fully intact.


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    Abraham provided an unsurpassed client service experience. He was patient when I didn't understand the terminology used and always answered my questions clearly. Most importantly he was respectful, kind and unbelievably accommodating. Valentin and his crew were awesome to work with too. Both him and his team worked diligently to get the demo work done quickly and correctly. They were extremely courteous and always kept my home as clean and organized as possible.

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